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Even though I’m not a kayaker, I was delighted by the stories in this book. The essential elements of memorable trips—the people we meet, the meals we eat, the challenges we face, and the things we observe—are weaved into each story.

Mr. Yackel’s friendly writing style made me feel like I was his invited confidant for each adventure.

While some travel narratives provide too many particulars, Mr. Yackel is a master at setting the stage and then allowing the reader’s imagination to fill in the details.

E. Hicks, Pennsylvaina


Don Yackel brings you right along with him on his many adventures. If you like kayak camping you will recognize the daily small triumphs and disasters that happen to us all. Highly recommended. Thanks Don!

Scott K, New York

I wanted to let you know about my experience reading this book!

I’m not a kayaker but have always wanted to enjoy the sport. This book has inspired me to take every advantage to examine nature and enjoy its beauty. Mr. Yackel’s vivid description of the beauty and adventure he experienced brings nature to life. I felt like I could see what he saw. It made me realize how special his trips were and I am grateful that he took me along for the ride! Great and easy read! I didn’t want to put it down until it was finished. This book was just as exciting as his first book “The idling Bulldozer and other Paddling Adventures”.

Looking forward to his next book!

Peter Tortorello, Florida

I had really enjoyed his first book and his second book is just as good. It is an easy and fun read, from beginning to the end.

Although I do participate in my own paddle adventures, I think it would appeal to anyone who is into outdoor adventure. It has a good mix of outdoor experiences, including stories about the people he encounters along the way.

Steven J. Mcallister, New York

new (second) book by Donald D. Yackel